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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all
Web Development projects being undertaken by PunchPixels

Acceptance of Work

It is not essential for any client to sign any acceptance form for these terms and conditions. Once a client accepts a quote and transfers advance payment online is itself an acceptance of our terms and conditions in full. You can always find these terms and conditions on our website for consideration.

Payment Terms

Clients will receive a price quotation via e-mail , upon acceptance a down payment is required in order to begin the services by our developer. This is usually 50% of the upfront fees or as negotiated at the time of project acceptance. The balance amount will be due upon project completion before uploading the files on the server. We accept all modes of payment like online, cheque or bank transfer. During the project briefing it is the clients’ responsibility to provide us all specific requirements for their project and will proceed to work on the project as per the said requirements. For any further changes at a later stage, it may cost some additional fees and revised delivery date.

Third Party Access Issues

Punchpixels may require access to third party services like integration of payment gateway; to complete the client’s project requirements. In case of any issues with these third party services which may create issues on client’s website, PunchPixels cannot be held answerable for that.

Copyright Terms

Copyright for all the completed web images, pages, coding or source files shall be transferred to client only after final payment with a prewritten agreement. Without agreement, all ownership resides with the developer. This also confines the client for not reusing the same design for any other website or selling the design unless prior agreement is made between client and developer. The client agrees that all the content and data provided by him belongs to him or are used with the permission of the original buyers. In case of any suit filed against the developer for using the supplied data or content, client has to take full responsibility for the same. The client agrees to follow the terms of any third party software being included in the project.

Privacy Terms

Designer’s Confidential Information includes the source code of designer tools and Client’s Confidential Information includes all the data and project requirements of the client, which both the parties are not authorized to share with any third party. Confidential Information of both the parties shall be considered confidential and shall only be used to complete the assigned project.

Evaluation and Alterations

Designer shall submit the final assignment after doing all necessary corrections and testing. In case of any omission in the specifications of the project, client shall notify such changes within 7 working days. Designer shall submit the revised assignment within 15 days of receiving client’s notification. Thereafter receiving the revised report, client shall either accept the corrected file or can make further amendments. Even, after 4 corrections, if client is not satisfied with the services of the designer, client shall terminate the agreement subject to termination clauses of this agreement.

Services of Web Designer

Designer shall perform the services as discussed at the time of project acceptance and as per the work schedule planned.

Domain Registration and Hosting

Domain name registration gives the exclusive right to a certain website so that is can be used for web based work. PunchPixels may purchase domain names on behalf of the client, but its payment and renewal is sole responsibility of the client. If registered your own name, show yourself as Administrative Contact with a proper email address, in the event of renewal or transfer of domain name in future.

Hosting places the domain name on a particular server while connected to the web which you can view through a browser. Projects that involve customized programming will be hosted by PunchPixels to ensure they work well. For this client will be invoiced by PunchPixels, reminder emails will be sent to the client before the expiry at 90 , 60, 30, 15 days and 10 days after the expiry date. In this case, client must inform PunchPixels if they do not wish to keep the domain name at-least 30 days before the expiration date. The loss, cancellation or late payment is sole responsibility of the client. The client is required to keep record of the due dates to ensure proper payments.

Turnaround Time

In most cases, PunchPixels shall finish the project within the time decided at the time of project acceptance. In case no such date is mentioned, then time scale shall be 4 weeks from the time initial payment is received unless a delay is requested or any last minute changes are made by the client. Also, client agrees to stick one developer for the entire project completion unless there shall be change in fixed time frame.

Delay Terms

PunchPixels will ensure timely delivery for assigned project in the given time schedule, but in case of delay ,our designer may extend the due date by giving a written notice to the client. This time gap shall not exceed more than 20 working days. Same holds with the client, as he is required to provide all the data and approvals to work on the project, failure of which may result in extension of due date. There can be some situations which are beyond the control of both the parties like power failure, change in government regulations after agreement, natural disasters, terrorism or any infectious disease.

Termination of Service

In case client wants to discontinue his services from PunchPixels, he has to put it in writing and it will be effective after receipt of such notice. Our designer will notify all the project details completed till date and client agrees to pay the said amount within 25 days.

Disputes and Indemnity

In case client wants to discontinue his services from PunchPixels, he has to put it in writing and it will be effective after receipt of such notice. Our designer will notify all the project details completed till date and client agrees to pay the said amount within 25 days.

Statutory Rights

This Agreement is the entire understanding of the parties and overrules all prior understandings and documents relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a client.

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